Samobel Beauty Salon for Women
About Samobel Beauty Salon for Women

Samobel Beauty SalonSamobel Beauty Salon's proprietress, Latifa, is a salon industry veteran with 34 years experience. The most important thing she's learned in her years in the beauty salon trade is that connecting with her clients and magnifying their beauty from the inside out is what really counts.

Latifa started her career in Morocco in the 1970's. Once in the U.S. she served the Tysons Corner community at Suissa Salon for 13 years, creating a loyal following clients before opening Samobel Beauty Salon for Women.

Latifa has a passion for design work and loves to create styles that are on the cutting edge of the industry. She helps her clients cultivate their own distinctive, artistic look, that leaves them feeling fashionable and confident. Her clients turn to her for fresh styles that they can recreate on their own, so that they look just as good on a casual Sunday afternoon as when they walk out of the salon for a night on the town.